Beautiful Handmade Barjasta Rug 4' 8" x 2' 7" (ft)

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Persian  Berjista or Barjasta is also known as Gul E Berjista kilims .Persian berjista kilims is combination of carpet and kilim.persian berjista rugs weave by  Taimani people , Taimani is a small tribe located in the central mountain regions of Afghanistan Taimani rugs have an asymmetrical knot structure. If you desire a beautiful area rug with combination of carpet and kilim then persian berjista is for you. These rugs come in different sizes and beautiful colors. persian berjista carpets at their best are not only extremely decorative, they serve a highly utilitarian purpose.

Rug Attributes
Age New
Color Beige
Condition Perfect
Design Barjasta
Origin Afghanistan
Pattern Geometrical
Pile Wool
Shape Rectangle
Type Taimani
Warp Wool
Woven Hand-knotted

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