Give a fine touch to your space with the finest quality Kurk rugs
Kurk is a type of Persian rugs that derive its name from the kind of wool used to make these rugs. Kurk means the finest grade of wool. These are made from finest sheep wool in the world. Kurk wool is taken from lamb, and it is supremely soft and subtle. It gives longer staple and natural soft feel to the rugs. Kurk rugs are famous for its excellent texture and feel. Kurk rugs are great rugs manufactured in Persia. These are made with a combination of silk and Kurk wool.

Authentic handmade Kurk rug available at Rugler.com are made with specific weaving techniques using high-quality materials, colors, and pattern. Handmade Kurk rugs consist of bolder and more coarse designs which are considered as the most authentic and traditional rugs of Persia. These handmade home decoration rugs possess unparalleled beauty and finesse. Kurk rugs are the excellent choice to complement your home and furnishing.

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