Perform Your Prayer in a Peaceful Way with Prayer Rugs
The significance of a prayer rug is beautifully summarized by a famous Syrian poet, Nizar Qabbani, he said, 
And from my mother’s prayer rug/That first taught me/ the Path to God” what a beautiful and heart touching description it is! 
All over the world, Muslims use prayer rugs for offering their prayer and doing worship; this is a symbol of cleanliness of the place of prayer. To offer your prayer perfectly, it's essential to have a comfortable, neat and smooth prayer rug to perform all the steps, effectively. The Muslim prayer rugs are traditionally made in a rectangular design, in which Islamic symbols and architecture and geometric patterns are used. Muslims have a holy attachment to Islamic prayer carpets and get a feeling of cleanliness. offers high quality, comfortable and smooth prayer rugs to help you in performing your prayers efficiently. All of our Islamic prayer carpets are made of wool and have Islamic symbols and deep colors. At Rugler, we are serving the top-rated rugs in red, blue, brown, beige and much more colors. The size of these rugs is approximately 1 meter, and available in great and holy designs.

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