Tribal rugs are typical rich and beautiful wool and silk rugs with curvilinear floral designs. These rugs are distinctly floral, representing leaf, bud and flower and show a tendency to naturalistic drawing-with graceful and often intricate lines. Tribal rugs have bold and exciting natural dye colors that are central to the crisp and contemporary look, and are famous for their durability and elegance.

 Floor coverings play a vital-part in the look and feel of a room. Tribal rugs, known for their unique-designs and colors, bring a special warmth and spark to a home that is hard to resist. One-of-a-kind tribal-style rugs showcase the focus and creativity of weaving artisans who have been handing down traditional techniques for thousands of years. Bring this culture and history to any room of your home with a handmade piece that layers patterns and colors in a unique way, whether through bold-shapes or softer geometric designs. A tribal rug is generally produced by nomadic people, with designs and style varying around the world. The tribal people most often associated with weaving rugs are the Turk men, the Qashqai, the Kurd to name just a few. Tribal rugs are recognizable but more geometric motifs as opposed to flowing curved floral motifs of city rugs.

Tribal style weaving have a strong local tradition with traditional and perhaps heraldic motifs and designs that change little over centuries. Traditional design and color was passed down from mother to daughter. And since these rugs were not meant for the commercial trade, the identity of the weaving group and the personal pride of the weaver’s family was expressed in the objects of personal expression. Each different tribe had exclusive designs and color combinations. Among Turk men weaving, one can also notice how larger tribes would subsume the smaller tribes and end up appropriating design elements. The language of the tribal rug is a varied a rich visual language.

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