(Kurk). Finest grade of wool.
Add warmth, style, and an exquisite accent piece to your home with these striking, one-of-a-kind Kurk wool , hand-knotted in shindand afghanistan. With intricate geometric patterns and richly detailed floral motifs, you’d be hard pressed to find a more luxurious way to update any room. Place traditionally on the floor, or hang on your wall for extra flair
Kurkwool is a much finer kind of wool than regular Sheep wool. It comes from Lamb. Just like the hair of a child is finer than the hair of an adult, the wool of a Lamb is much finer than a Sheep. Since a Lamb can only generate so much wool before it matures, the amount of wool is much less and therefore much more expensive than regular wool. Kurkwool is only used in high quality rugs and when you see it, you will know instantly the difference between regular wool and Kurkwool.

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