Kazak 6' 2" x 4' 9" (ft)

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Kazaks are known for their indigo blues, reds and ivories, as well as their casual and warm appearance. Kazak (or Qazax) is a small city in the Northwest of Azerbaijan controlling routes into Armenia and Georgia. Kazak rugs however are mainly woven by the people of Armenia and Afghanistan who are influenced by the Caucasian designs found in old rugs from Russia and the USSR region as well as those found in rugs from the northern parts of the Persian empire.
Kazaks are known for their casual and warm appearance.The significance of these beautiful carpets are their geometrical patterns, often with an imaginative and plentiful way of expression. Sometimes curvilinear animal and pattern figures occur in the carpets.

Rug Attributes
Age New
Color Multi-color
Condition Good
Design Kazak
Origin Afghanistan
Pattern Geometric
Pile Wool
Type Caucasian
Weave Wool
Woven Hand-knotted