The name 'kilim' or 'kelim' is Turkish, and comes from the Persian Gelim. Kilims are flat tapestry-woven carpets or rugs. Kilims are flat weave carpets and therefore don’t have a pile like the rest of our products in our stock. These rugs are woven using a warp-wrapping method. Their wool is naturally dyed. They also spotlight the natural wool colors coming directly from the Dumba sheep.

A beautiful, Original Wool Hand Made Afghan Tribal kilim Cushion, It has tribal geometric patterns and rich in organic colors. These are beautiful richly textured kilims all hand-crafted from Gazni wool and are vegetable dyed kilims. Hand-crafted, bright colored, stunning Handmade Kilim Cushion Covers are a cost effective yet add antique look to your room. Mainly, all cushion covers are full of beauty and magnificence, made from genuine hand woven old and antique Kilim and back with high quality cotton backing and a strong durable zip fastenings.

These beautiful Kilim Cushion Covers will amaze all your friends. Not only are they high quality but they are also lively and eye catching. They are beautifully made using flat looms and traditional craft.

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