Antique Rugs or carpets were made in very small villages with drafts and knitting discernible of the specific community called tribe. The foundation of knitting/weaving antique rugs have not changed for centuries many of the earliest known techniques and materials are still in use in the major rug and carpet, producing regions of the world today such as Persia, China, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Europe. Every rugs tells the time period they were created and the lives of the manufacturer/weavers.
Antique rug and carpets can vary in color, size, pattern, material, and design. Trends in utilizing rugs are continuously changing. Antique rugs and carpets are some of the most beautiful, stunning and masterfully hand woven fabric in the world.
Representatives and carpet admirers, we offer a limited selection of antique and semi-antique carpets from Asia. These are genuine, remarkable pieces ranging from 50 to 100 years old.
At RUGLER we believe that an Antique carpet beauty of the room. Our rugs provide lasting warmth and comfort. That’s why we are committed to providing our customers with a wide selection of exceptional quality area rugs, handcrafted to delight you, your family and guests for many years to come.  

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